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Norton Antivirus Beta 2011

Industry-leading protection against detected viruses, spyware and more
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Crimeware and other threats can take all of the fun out of the Internet. Take it back with Norton AntiVirus. It stops viruses, spyware and other threats so you can work and play safely.
Download the Norton AntiVirus 2011 beta today!
* Provides fast and light protection that won?t slow you down or get in your way.
* Proactively notifies you when other applications are slowing you down and impacting your PC performance.
* Warns you if downloads are safe before you install or run them.

Umatched Protection
Norton Download Insight helps you download and share files safely by warning you if a download can be trusted or contains threats or crimeware before it can cause harm.

Umatched Performance
Faster and Lighter than ever before, Norton Internet Security 2011 beta uses minimal system resources and scans only files at risk for fewer, shorter scans and the fastest scanning times.

Proactive Performance Alerts help you optimize your PC?s performance by notifying you when applications are slowing you down.

New Rescue Tools
Sometimes PCs become infected with difficult to remove ?scareware? programs or they get so infected by threats that are deeply buried in the PC?s operating system that special tools are required to remove them. That?s where Norton Rescue Tools can help.

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